About Us

The Smith Community Garden is a student organization at Smith College in Northampton, MA. The idea of a starting a community garden was conceived of in 2008, when a small group of students and faculty wrote a proposal for a pilot program. The college gave us a small plot of land off-campus at the Fort Hill School, and the org was soon chartered. We received a plot of land on campus in May 2010, and have been growing ever since.

The mission of the CG is simple: to act as an educational tool. The original proposal writes that the aim "is for the garden to be a practical academic tool, to engage the Smith community, and to serve as a model of sustainability. [...] The garden will be turned into a space that celebrates nature, physical work, and healthy eating." Three years later, we are working on realizing that goal as a reality, and turning our small plot into a site for active learning and community building. And, of course, to continue growing tasty food.

Interested in getting involved? Email us at comgarden@smith.edu.