Friday, October 1, 2010

And the new year begins!!

Hello and welcome to the 2010-2011 garden year. We are very busy preparing for the winter. We have a new plot now!
Our other plot is looking great and tasting great too!

Check out our new blueberry plants!

Last Sunday we had our first work party. Everyone was busy preparing the garden for the winter. It's looking great so far!


ER said...


My name is Eli and I am wondering how to get involved in a community garden project such as this. I will be living in Northampton come this Sept. (I am currently in Chicago) and would love to help out. I'm not sure if this particular project is open to the public, or is only for Smith students.

If this is only for Smith students, do you know of any community gardens or co-op space open to the public? I know I am going to miss the summer season this year, but of course there is plenty that can be done in the winter months, too!

Thanks for you help,

Samantha Lyon said...

Doesn't look like the page is being updated right now, but I know you are growing on campus! Awesome!

Check out this new FB group for Smithies in the World of Food --

The Smith College Women in the World of Food Conference is happening in Spring 2012.

Samantha Lyon said...

Smithies in the World of Food