Monday, August 1, 2011

PHOTOS! (from the July 23rd work party)

Kaylyn, giving our sign a much-needed makeover.

Kirsten re-seeding lettuce.

A variety of things including kale and cabbage in our coldframes, which are located right about the notorious steam-tunnels--which, although they've caused us a fair amount of angst warm the soil enough that these little guys have been outgrowing their compatriots quite a bit.

Angela, hoeing...

Finally trellising the cucumbers. (Note the exuberant butternut squash plant that's taaaking ovver.)

Sarah and Kaylyn, enjoying our brand new picnic table.


Sprout! said...
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Sprout! said...

The garden looks great. Those butternut squash really do have a tendency to take over everything :). They did that at the sprout garden too. I really like that you have a picnic table. It makes the garden such an enjoyable place to spend time. I am going to look into getting one for the sprout garden.

~Sprout~ The Connecticut college organic garden

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