Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Go get some grub!

What a wet week we have been washed with!
Well, one thing is for certain- those thirsty plants are all the more succulent for it.

Today, four full heads of lettuce (Jericho Romaine and Red Iceberg) were proudly delivered to the Campus Center Cafe, along with what Ann Finley referred to as a "good sized bunch" of fragrant dill.

Tomorrow, the wonderful CC cafe dining staff will unveil their community-garden inspired dishes to the masses- or to several hungry Smithies, academics, administrators, perhaps even an alum or two.

Consider this your invitation- witness this first step toward a fuller integration of farm to fork, of garden to classroom, of participatory dining. Better yet, taste it!

Look out for more community garden and CC cafe collaborations this summer-
and stay tuned for a Pasta Sauce Canning and Pesto Making Party

Come see the tomatoes ripen on the vine, the cosmos blossoms open, the peppers and bean plants bear their fruit, and more exciting garden adventures.
Email if you'd like a tour or want to come help out!

Keep Scrolling Down for New Photos (on the previous posting)!


Katie R said...

This is so fantastic guys, I wish I were there this summer to help out and see this in person. It's great to see how far we've come from a mulch-filled lot! I can't wait to get back in the fall and start helping again.

Marianna said...

This looks awesome! Congratulations on the article on Smith's site. I'm sad I'm missing out on Smith's garden this summer, but I'm psyched to help out in the fall! I'll bring three months of gardening knowledge from NH... :)